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THE O is for Octopus. An animal we love for its superior ability to cling onto things and to perfectly blend into its environment by changing its shape, texture and color.

The app runs on iOS and Android.

THE O uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to connect to the app on your smart phone.

Yes. And we understand very well that this is still uncommon for many people. To save the phone's battery we use the Bluetooth Low Energy standard and we have developed algorithms that further minimize consumption. This will remain a focus topic for us. At the same time, we have seen drastic improvements from Apple, Samsung and other phone manufacturers in handling Bluetooth communication efficiently.

There is no theoretical limit to how many devices you can register on your phone. When you are out and about, stable performance is no problem with up to 8 items that you carry with you – although more tagged items could be at home.

1. Slip it in - your wallet, a compartment of your bag or luggage, your shopping bag.
2. Stick it on with our adhesives - your phone charger, laptop, camera lens cover, passport, and portable speakers.
3. Sew it on through the grooves – your jacket, scarf, and umbrella.
4. Hang it on - your keychain, bag, and backpack.
Is there something THE O does not work very well for? Let us know. We'll fix it!

We hope that thanks to THE O, you will never have to track down lost items, because you will be notified the very moment you are about to lose something. To be extra safe, we do always store the location of each of your now-smart-belongings the very moment you leave them somewhere, be it at home or in the bar. For everything you don't have with you, you can see on a map where and when you left it.

No. Gladly, no internet connection is required for loss protection!

Most people prefer to consider their home, their office or their friend's places as safe. Once you tell the app that your belongings are safe in that location, THE O will go silent in these places. Once you leave, however, it will check if you have all your essentials with you.

Yes. Our design objective was that THE O could be used in any outdoor setting. In engineering terms, it is IPX6 waterproof. That means, it was tested in our factory to survive 100 litres of water being sprayed at it per minute.

Yes you can. It is a small coin cell battery, CR 2025 specifically.

Yes, of course. Many dog owners said they wanted to use it in open spaces to make sure they would get alerted if their dog strayed away too far.

Yes. Right now, the same device can be freely used by as many people as you wish. But only by one person at a time. We have received great inputs for sharing already, with room mates, spouses or family. Please let us know what you would like to be able to do!

There are several devices out there that focus on finding your lost items once you realise by yourself that they are missing. Some of them use very similar Bluetooth Low Energy technology. THE O prevents loss in the first place by telling you the very moment you are leaving something behind. Further to that, THE O extends the value proposition to become a personal assistant that helps with all situations related to your belongings.
THE O runs automatic checks for the essential items that you need when you leave your house (wallet, keys, medicine for some people). And will let you know if something is missing. It can also understand that in some places, your items are safe but it reminds you to get them when you leave the vicinity. For example, you won't forget a jacket you left at the coat check when you leave a museum. If you miss our alert then THE O app stores the location of when and where you last had your belonging.
There are also some unique artificial intelligence features incorporated into the app. It can already remind you to bring your umbrella when you leave the house on a rainy day and will soon check for your passport when you are leaving home to catch an international flight. More AI features will be added on a continuous basis.
One of the co-founders of THE O spent many years designing jewelry, clothes and accessories for brands in the luxury fashion industry. It was essential that THE O was desirable as well as functional and it had to look good on handbags and briefcases. The keychain and bag accessories are plated in Rhodium and Gold and are made with a partner that produces goods for high-end luxury brands. THE O is also the only device available that is sewable, which is great for jackets and umbrellas.

Rose Wilson and Christian T. Zeiler.
Rose as a background in jewelry and fashion design and branding. She used to create luxury goods and market them around the world. She had her own jewelry label for five years. She believes that all things should be beautiful. Christian has extensive experience in creating software supported solutions that make people’s lives easier. He used to develop tools for clients and employees of a large corporation from specification through testing and training. He believes simplicity is beauty.

Crowd GPS is a great concept from a technical perspective - it uses the GPS signal of other phones for the benefit of one user – which works well once there are many users around. It is a tool that we will implement as soon as it helps us to help people and make their lives easier. A great benefit of tracking a moving item on a map would be theft protection. In our point of view, however, this would require devices that cannot be removed from an item, and a close collaboration with the police force in that area. Let us know how you would like to use it!

Yes! The notifications already appear on the AppleWatch. In fact, our app was made with a "watch-first" philosophy: an app that you never need to open, that only appears when there is something important and 99% of the interaction required is just clicking one button.

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Yes, we work together with a certified manufacturer.

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